Sean O’Connor, Lead Pastor   Pastor Sean has committed his life to ministry through pastoring, teaching and coaching. Through more than 25 years of dedicated ministry in pastoral and school leadership, Pastor Sean has had the privilege of seeing Christ work in the hearts and minds of students, players, parents, and entire families.

With almost two decades of collegiate and high school coaching experience, he have learned that focusing on relationships first can help maximize character as well as performance. He has served in Higher Education as the Director of Admissions for two colleges, as the Senior Pastor of four churches, and as the Athletic Director for three Christian Schools.

Whenever the time came to look to the future Pastor Sean and his family have always said, “Lord, what do you have for us next?” Because of this attitude God has blessed them with a wide array of experience in ministry. God has always been faithful to bless his previous churches to grow in numbers as well as spiritual maturity.   

Family life is very precious to Pastor Sean as God has blessed him with a beautiful wife, Teri, and three lovely daughters, Jacklyn, Miranda and Danielle.