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Jesus invited the disciples to follow Him in faith and community before He asked them to believe. Jesus understood the importance of belonging. CNaz is a community where everyone is welcome, so we invite you to come and be a part of the community here. We laugh, we cry, we argue, we encourage, and we love one another. We aren’t perfect, but we’re a great place to grow. No one should do life alone, come find where you belong.


Jesus knocks at the door of our hearts and waits expectantly for us to answer and invite Him in. Our belief in Him and His teachings are our road map, not only to eternal life, but also to a life well lived. While believing is not a requirement for belonging to the community of our church, our desire is for you to come into a full understanding of who Jesus is, to have a life-altering, transformational encounter with Him, and to grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ.


Jesus desires a deeper walk with each of us. Jeremiah 29:11 promises that God has plans for us - good plans that will give us hope and a thriving future. Yet in order for us to receive the very best that God has intended we must learn to lean into our faith and rely more fully on Him. This includes reading and studying His Word, spending time in prayer, and actively serving one another as we work out our faith. Our desire is for you to find that special place where you can become more like Jesus and the very best version of yourself, and we want you to be close enough to hear Him whisper as He calls you on to the future He has planned for you.

The concept of focus is a powerful one. Our focus determines our destination. Even Christ reminds us in Matthew 6, that where our treasure is, that is where our hearts will be as well. How we prioritize what we care about defines the focus of our hearts, our lives, and ultimately our destination.
Matthew 6 also reminds us to focus our eyes on those things that are eternal, not putting our trust in treasures that can be easily destroyed or taken away. The promise of Christ and the gift of eternity is of far greater value than the wealth of this world. We can lose sight of that sometimes in the midst of the everyday worries of life, but our God has a better future in mind for us. One that is filled with hope, mercy, and the promise of eternity.
This year as the world is seeking clarity in all the catch phrases that go with having 20/20 vision, we are intentionally putting our focus back on God. He is our Lord, our Savior, our Father, and our ever-present Help in times of trouble. We are refocusing our faith, so that we can stand with steadfast purpose as a living testimony of the hope that is within us.

Lord, breathe Your life in me! Help me refocus my faith so that I may live as one who is worthy, wise, and wide-awake. Help me to walk in Your way, and guard my heart so that Your light will shine as a testimony in my life.

Carrollton Church
of the Nazarene
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